Rotary’s Adopt-a-Family  Christmas Program
Rotary delights in adopting 4 families every year for the Oberlin Community Services Christmas Program. Dollars are set aside from the Rotary Budget but the creativity and planning is on each Rotarian who volunteers to do the leg work. 
Here is one such story shared by the Mavrich family. Both Ellen and Dennis are Rotarians and their daughters have been engaged in various ways from their high school days and even now during college years. Here is Ellen’s journey on this year’s adopted family.
 Our mission was to plan, shop, fulfill, wrap and deliver presents for 3 teenagers and one younger in under 10 days.   We were shopping warriors!   We bought clothes, disc golf game, three-barrel curling iron, boho head scarves, Blokus, chocolate oranges, Xbox games, Xbox gift cards, giant HULK hands, family games, artist pencils, sketch pad, grocery gift certificate, glow in the dark blanket and more.  We had a blast!  I forgot what fun it is to shop for young people.
We spent about 52% of our dollars in Oberlin and 48% outside of Oberlin.
 Catherine Mavrich proved herself to be an expert at wrapping, with 3 gifts wrapped to my 1.  She even took on the odd shapes like triangles, circles and yes, even the giant HULK hands.
 I should mention that, my husband, Dennis did not contribute in any meaningful way to the planning, shopping, wrapping etc.  But he was extremely helpful in staying out of our way and approving all expenditure