On September 6 the OBERLIN ROTARY CLUB raised $340 for Oberlin Chorister’s. Artistic Director Jennifer Call presented a video showing the organization’s ability to interest young children throughout the North Coast area in music, creativity, and learning. 

As these youngsters mature to the high school years, they develop a sense of dedication to professionalism in music and the arts, as well as a commitment to each other and lasting friendships. The money will be used for scholarships so that all interested children and families can meet fee requirements.

Said Jennifer Call, "I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the Oberlin Rotary for their support of our community's children.  By providing these funds towards participation in the Changing Voice Institute, Oberlin children will be able to learn about their voice change in a supportive and positive way.  The results of such a unique education can be life changing for these young musicians. Thank you."  

For more information on the Oberlin Choristers and their programs, click here