Club Info
July 31, 2020

Rotary Themes   Looking ahead---August is Membership  “ We are not just recruiting  members, but are sowing the seeds of Rotary’s reputation.

July Birthdays:                                                                                                  July Rota-versaries:
Curt Paul – July 2                                                                                                 Eric Sever- July 9, 1987
Bruce Ente- July 14
Rick Hetsko- July 14
Roy Folley- July 17
David Cann-July 19                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
July 31st                 Hope and Inclusion                             Rev. Stanley Miller, Former Director, Cleveland NAACP
Aug. 5th                  Board Meeting (all welcome)  meeting by Zoom
Aug. 7 th                 District Governor Keith Hodkinson Visits (11:30  Board; 12 noon All Members)
Aug. 14                  A Look at Oberlin’s Membership – 2020-21 A Discussion Recruitment Goals      
Aug.  21st               TBD
Aug.  28th               Morning Meeting-In-Person Service Project 
You may not have planned to go to Honolulu, but Honolulu is COMING TO YOU! By way of zoom
Selected July Breakout Sessions:           
July 25th                                 10:00 AM              Zone:  Attracting and Engaging Members via Virtual/Hybrid Meetings
July 25th                                 2:00 PM                 Lights, Smartphone, Action!  Telling Rotary’s Story on the Go
July 30th                                 12:00 PM               “When I was your age…” Bridging Generational Gaps
July 31st                                  4:00 PM                 Attract a More Diverse Membership
Martin Luther King:  Always room for weeding at the MLK Park. Questions just touch base with Liz Schultz
Rotary Cares- Restaurant Assistance – Sign up for any Monday/Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday
                                Early evening (6 pm) or early morning 8 or 8:30
                                Sign-Up Genius