Posted by Donna Shurr

Intergenerational Project for an International Cause

The Interact Club and Oberlin Club Rotarians met for their second “Sewing Party” to make pillowcase dresses for Zimbabwe and Haiti.  In the fall, senior Angela Mavrich organized the first party at her home and in March the students met in the Family and Consumer Science classroom.  Rotarians, high school students and Kendal residents enjoyed this multi-generational project and are continuing to sew at home and at school in their free time.  The idea of sending dresses to little girls in other countries came about when OHS parent and Rotarian, Melanie Satterfield heard about the projects of Jack Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins has dedicated his life to bringing potable drinking water to remote African villages.  With a grant from the Oberlin Rotary Club, Mr. Hopkins brought dresses to Mahatchala, Zimbabwe  where he built a water well near the Emsizini Middle School.  At the orphanage he also helped begin a garden and orchard. In Zimbabwe there are many orphans because of of the HIV epidemic, some 30% of people now have HIV. The students are excited that their dresses will be brought with Mr. Hopkins and given to the children at the school and two orphanages.  Our very own senior, Abigail Tackett will also be bringing some of the dresses to Haiti on her next missions trip to work with children at Destiny Village, an orphanage supported by her church.